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5 tips for Remote Team Building with 2GTHR

Today, I’m celebrating my 10th month in the Home Office. I enjoy the extra time I got by not commuting to the office, but I miss building relationships with my colleagues.

According to the Gartner ReimagineHR Employee Survey, 41 percent of people don’t feel connected to their colleagues when working remotely and 26 percent of employees feel isolated when they work remotely.

Here are 5 tips for you to organize an extended team event that is fun & brings the team together.

1. Don’t use your everyday conferencing platform

According to studies, we spend 22 hours a week in meetings. This means nowadays, in digital conferencing solutions such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and others.

Your team building event should not be just another meeting! Don’t spend this time on the same platform. Make it special!

2GTHR ( reinvents collaboration and networking and enables you to have interactions with allows interactions with larger groups just like in real life.

2. Invite people from different teams

We all miss our coffee chats. They are hard to recreate in the digital world. But they are not going to happen if you don’t bring people from different teams or departments in the same “room”. Invite multiple teams and let the fun begin.

3. Play some games

What about some games? Set up multiple rooms with different names, one for each game you want to play with a group of people. Here are a few games you can play in the embedded browser in 2GTHR:




Afterward, people can move around freely to join another group, hang out in the networking area, or have a private conversation with someone.

4. Have a lean coffee session

As soon there are more than 5 people in a conference call, there is an awkward silence. Traditional conferencing doesn’t work for hangouts in larger groups. Here’s the solution: Have a lean coffee session!

What is a lean coffee? A lean coffee is a structured, but agenda-less meeting format. The participants come together, build an agenda, and start talking. The conversation is time-boxed and the agenda for the meeting is democratically generated. Here’s how it works:

2GTHR has a lean coffee built-in. Pick a topic you want to discuss, click on the coffee button to start a session. Here are a few ideas for topics to discuss:

  1. Best free time Activities

  2. New hobbies to pick up in Corona times

  3. Productive Remote Working

4. Get into brainstorming mode

Playing games or lean coffee is not your thing? Here’s another idea. Organize a brainstorming session on a specific topic (not related to work). How it works:

Brainstorm in teams, then walk from room to room to see results

1) Pick a topic and split up into groups of 3–4, for example: Who can come up with the worst startup idea ever?

2) Brainstorm ideas in a small team

4) Use the whiteboard to sketch out the idea

5) Move from room to room to present the ideas

6) Vote who’s won.

A few suggestions to get you started:

  • Bullshit Accelerator: Who can come up with the worst startup idea ever?

  • Define a formula for happiness!

  • How would you explain X for a 5-year-old? For example happiness, friendship, fear, the universe.

5. Keep up the momentum

We are social human beings. Getting together with friends & colleagues in these difficult times is very important. And maybe use Try to meet for fun at least once a month!

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