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  • How can I get a customized space address?
    Reach out to us and we will customize the space with your favorite map, background and logo. We will soon offer a tool so you can customizes spaces yourself.
  • How much time before my event can I make changes to the map?
    Please provide us with all information at least 24 hours before your event. During the event, maps (rooms, layouts) can not be changed anymore.
  • How much does 2GTHR cost?
    You can try out 2GTHR for free. Every use case is different, please reach out to us for Pricing information.
  • Do I have to install an app to use 2GTHR? Does it work on mobile?
    You don't have to install anything to use 2GTHR. Simply click on a link to join a space - That's what makes 2GTHR so great. 2GTHR also works on mobile, but we haven't optimized our mobile version yet. Basic functionality works well. Stay tuned for improvements.
  • Which information do I need to provide to get a customized space?
    Here's a list of what we need: - What do you need the map for? An Event, Hackathon, Workshop or Team Space? - How many people are you planning to host? - How many rooms do you need? (Stages, group rooms, 1:1 rooms). - We need: Logo, background picture in png format. - Any preferences for room names. - Any preferences for space name.
  • How many people can I bring to 2GTHR?
    Currently one space, and each room, can fit up to 100 people easily. Let's talk if you need to host more and we'll provide a solution.
  • What are supported browsers?
    For the best experience, we recommend using Google Chrome. 2GTHR has not been built for Edge or Internet Explorer. Based on our experience, Firefox and Safari work without any problems. is optimized for the use on a computer or laptop. We do not recommend the use of mobile devices. For the best experience - use headphones.
  • My camera and microphone aren't working. Others can not see me.
    Ensure you have allowed your browser to access your camera and microphone. You can find this setting in the URL on the right: Click on the little camera icon and allow the access. If this does not work, check your browser settings [link to Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox troubleshooting] If others can not see you, but you can see yourself (grey), and you see a little hand icon on your video, the moderator has hidden you. You can go to another room or you can raise your hand by clicking on the hand to ask the moderator to unhide you again.
  • I can’t hear or see anyone.
    There might be a few reasons for that. Please do the following: Close all other video conferencing applications running in the background that might block the access to your camera and microphone. Under settings, check that the correct audio and video devices are selected. If this doesn’t work check VPN and turn it off. We recommend using Chrome as a Browser to access 2GTHR.
  • How do I move around?
    Simply click on a platform or room and you’ll move! Click where you want to go. You can also use the agenda on the right hand side.
  • Can I turn off video and audio?
    Sure! It’s okay if you don’t feel comfortable sharing audio or video. Simply click on the microphone and camera icon next to your video to toggle microphone and camera.
  • What is the silent zone? My image is grey.
    In the “silent zone” or arriving area, no one can hear or see you. Once you are ready you can move around by clicking in any room or by using the agenda.
  • How can I share my screen?
    Click on the little “screen” button next to your video, under the microphone and video icon.
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