Digital Collaboration & Networking like in real life.


2GTHR brings people together online.

Host a memorable event, organize an inspiring workshop, have fun at a virtual house party or move into a digital office with your team. 

2GTHR has everything you need. 

Multiple conversations
in one tool. 
Our spatial concept allows people to get together naturally. Simply move from room to room to meet new people.
You can only see and hear who's in your room.  In big spaces, you can only hear who's close by.
Get together your way. 
Our selection of space layouts helps you to get together in a fun and natural way. 
Whether you prefer a traditional office layout, a modern 3 D world, a cosy bar or a playful house, 2GTHR has it all. 
Not happy? Reach out to us and we customize our maps with your logo, color scheme and more! 
Discover who's there
and get in touch. 
Find people on the map, join their conversation, or send them a quick message to connect. 
Leverage the group chat to make an announcement to everyone, or collaborate with people in your room. 
Share your screen and collaborate on a whiteboard.
Play a game, brainstorm with your colleagues or use it in a workshop - all without leaving 2GTHR! Once you add a whiteboard it's part of the room you are in.
And you can share your screen, too.
Support for conferences, webinars and meetups.
Enjoy events just like in the real world.  With 2GTHR you can have seamless Q&A with the help of our raise hand feature. 
Want a private space to talk afterward? Our lockable rooms have you covered. 
Get in touch with us for a customized space for your event. 

Get together naturally, with one click.

Just click on a link to get 2GTHR. 

Go beyond traditional video conferencing with 2GTHR's spatial concept.

Encrypted video communication. Lockable rooms for private conversations.

Browser-based &

Easy to use.

Natural interactions.

Privacy built-in.

Our customers love bringing people 2GTHR. 

“We used 2GTHR for our all-staff strategy meeting and had a great user experience. Moving between rooms is super easy, very interactive, and great for break-outs, brainstorming, and networking.

A recommendation for any team larger than a few people. “

Dr. Richard Lohwasser, CEO & Co-Founder Lition Energie

Better, together.


2GTHR is free

for up to 30 people.  

Contact us for larger groups, customization, and questions. 

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